• Save worry---Goods in the local  save time and energy

    Create a globally efficient stainless steel firmware supply center

    In terms of inventory, there is a 20,000-ton automatic storage center (Jiaxing), two regional storage centers (Tianjin, Foshan), two medium-sized storage centers (Wenzhou, Chengdu), and more than 30 branches and 3000 in the country. A number of sales outlets, service network throughout the country, close to the market, self-stocking, can provide customers with fast and convenient services.

    More than 30 national branches

    Intimate—Fast the arrival  Intimate Service

    Using advanced WMS warehouse management system,Efficient shipment。

    In the aspect of logistics management, the advanced WMS warehouse logistics system is adopted; the barcode warehouse management method is adopted, which greatly improves the speed of stock picking while reducing the shipping error rate and increasing the delivery rate. In terms of logistics mode, combined with logistics and express delivery mode, it provides customer convenience; in terms of logistics third-party selection, we choose the local optimized logistics supplier, not limited to a single partner, diversified solutions, diversified choices ;